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COVID-19 Information


Our objective is to prevent and control the transmission of

Covid-19 during emergent, essential and non-essential care of our patients.

Surgical Mask

Pre-Screening Protocols

Pre-screening protocols and triage, either by virtual/remote technology or by

telephone, will be provided for all patients. The following will be assessed for all patients:

  • Do you have any of the following symptoms of COVID-19:

    • cough

    • sore throat

    • shortness of breath

    • runny nose,

    • sneezing,

    • post-nasal drip (coryza),

    • loss of smell (anosmia) with or without fever

  • Have you had close contact or have been in isolation with a suspected case in the last 14 days

  • Have you travelled internationally in the last 14 days

  • Upon arrival for appointment, your pre-screening responses must be confirmed and recorded in your record

Are You A High-Risk Patient?

Patients considered high risk for severe COVID-19 include those with

  • pre-existing conditions such as

    • serious respiratory disease,

    • serious heart conditions,

    • immunocompromised conditions,

    • severe obesity,

    • diabetes, chronic

    • kidney disease or those undergoing dialysis, and

    • liver disease;

    • pregnant patients;

    • and patients who are 70 years and over.

  • These patients should be deferred whenever possible.​

Clock and Plant

If You Are Scheduling an Appointment


  • Hand hygiene must be performed:

    • after risk of body fluid exposure

    • before and after mask use

    • after contact with environmental surfaces

    • and when hands are visibly soiled.

  • Patients must perform hand hygiene with soap and water or with an alcohol-based hand rub after removing a mask or other PPE, coughing or sneezing, using a tissue or when hands are visibly soiled.​​

Hand hygiene is the single most important measure for preventing disease transmission.​

  • Reschedule if you become

    • sick,

    • are placed on self-isolation

    • or have travelled out of the country within the last 14 days.

  • Attend appointments alone where possible and not to bring friends or children.

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